7 Reasons to build your Columbus porch this winter

inspired screen porch in Upper Arlington, OH
This inspired screen porch in Upper Arlington, OH

Spring and summer are typically when homeowners think about building a new deck or porch, but the smart money belongs to the customer who starts his outdoor living project over the winter. Here are my “Lucky 7” benefits of building Columbus outdoor living projects during the winter.

I bet you are able to guess the first two reasons:

Reason #1– Your porch will be ready by spring.

Reason #2– Archadeck of Columbus and other contractors are less busy in the wintertime and so your wait time will be shorter.

Reason #3 The ground is starting to harden and your lawn and plants will be dormant. You will cause far less disturbance to your lawn during a winter building project. No one worries about a muddy work site in Columbus in January.

Reason #4 is closely related. If your grass suffers any trauma from installation of a porch or patio, winter projects gives lawns the best opportunity bounce back vigorously.  Plan on giving your yard a little extra TLC come spring and your yard should be as green as ever for the summer barbecue season.

Do you hesitate to start a backyard project because it will be difficult for the kids, pets or for you to use the yard during construction? My benefit #5 of building during the winter is that you probably aren’t using the yard very much during the cold weather anyway. You could be the exception, but winter is the slowest season for outdoor entertaining for most of us.

The most technical reason on my  list is #6. Regardless of the material that you choose for the interior of your porch, your foundation will almost certainly be constructed with pressure treated pine. From the lumberyard, this lumber has a moisture content of about 50%. By building in the low humidity of winter, the natural curing process of the wood will be more even, consistent, and quick. Winter building also decreases potential problems with cracking and warping that can occur when the wood is curing in the hot summer sun. You can let Mother Nature work to your advantage.

The first six reasons to build your Columbus porch in winter hold true regardless of your builder. When you sign a contract with Archadeck of Columbus by Dec. 31, 2014, you benefit from Lucky # 7: we are offering a winter discount on projects of $10,000 or more. You can receive a $500 credit on your job or receive a free $500 lighting package if contracted by 12/31/14. Be sure to ask for details when you call to set up your free consultation appointment.

Michael Reeder, Archadeck of Columbus
Michael Reeder, Archadeck of Columbus

Keep in mind that Archadeck of Columbus can also build your outdoor structure combination in stages. Winter is the perfect time to start the first stage of your desired outdoor living project. If you are considering a deck and patio combination for example, you can take advantage of our staged building option and build the deck this winter and then we can add the patio later into the spring. With Archadeck of Columbus’ staged building, the choice is yours. Contact us today to learn more, call us at (740) 879 – 3730 or email us at westcolumbus@archadeck.net

Author: archadeckofcolumbus

I began my association with Archadeck in 2001 when I was working for a subcontractor that Archadeck of Columbus was employing for patio installations. I had been working in the Landscape/Hardscape industry for quite a few years at the time and immediately noticed a difference in how Archadeck operated in comparison with other deck companies that we worked with. Over the years of working with Archadeck on numerous projects, large and small, I came to realize the importance of what they were selling; beautiful designs, top-notch craftsmanship and a world class customer experience. This is what drove me to start working for Archadeck in January of 2011 and eventually buying the company in 2016. My wife, Amber, and my son, Logan, could not be happier to be a part of such a wonderful organization. We look forward to the future as we build the outdoor living environments our customers dream of with the “world class” service they deserve!

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