With outdoor building in Columbus, are there any guarantees? Archadeck of Columbus says yes!

Archadeck of Columbus discusses their unmatched warranties which include a one year craftsmanship warranty and a five year structural warranty.

Open porch and hardscape patio
Let Archadeck of Columbus open the door to your outdoor living imagination and build you the highest quality outdoor space imaginable.

When you decide to find a builder to build your dream deck or porch addition, most reputable contractors will provide some type of warranty on their work. These warranties are typically placed on a structure once it is completed. These can include structural warranties, and warranties on the products and materials used in completing your outdoor space. Remember, in all building endeavors, a warranty is only as good as the company providing it and the degree in which they stand behind that warranty. With this in mind, it is important to make sure the builder warranties their work and stands behind the guarantee to ensure you receive a quality built structure to reduce or eliminate facing problems and heartaches in the future. This is where the old cliché, a guarantee is sometimes only as good as the paper it is written on comes into play.

When you choose Archadeck of Columbus to build your backyard dream, we offer our customers a very detailed 3-part warranty – structural, craftsmanship, and manufacturer warranty support. Our first warranty given upon completion includes a one year craftsmanship warranty and a five year structural warranty. This warranty is designed to ensure all the details of your structure are done properly such as cuts, sanding, fasteners, positioning and other pertinent details. The second warranty covers all aspects of supportive structures such as decks or porches, connections to your home, railings, stairs, walls and patio foundations.

It is possible that a branded component (one of the materials) has problems. Many manufacturers of the component materials offer warranties that typically cover only the product and not the labor for replacement. Archadeck negotiates with our vendors and in most cases we can negotiate for the vendor to pay us to replace the component if there is a problem.

We like to give homeowners several methods to communicate any craftsmanship warranty issues. We urge our clients to frequent the job site regularly so that we may discuss any issues and answer any questions they may have. Once a project is deemed completed, we ask the customer to do a walk-through prior to our departure so we make sure to fix anything that needs to be.

Columbus paver patio and pergola with retaining wall surround
Our outdoor designs are backed by two distinct warranties.

Following completion and departure from your project we always schedule an additional walk-through one week to 10 days after to verify with the customer they are completely happy with the installation. This is something that is protocol for us at Archadeck of Columbus; it’s just how we operate. Our ultimate goal is the happiness of our customers and their ultimate satisfaction with our work. We feel very fortunate that we have rarely ever had structural issues with our work which is based on the quality level in which we build.

If you are ready to experience what true quality, professionalism and dedication is in an outdoor structure builder, contact Archadeck of Columbus. We strive to deliver the ultimate in outdoor living spaces from start to finish and beyond. Call us today for a free consultation (740) 879 – 3730

Michael Reeder, Archadeck of Columbus
Michael Reeder, Archadeck of Columbus

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Archadeck of Columbus guarantees a whole than more other companies. And, it’s at no charge to you.

Archadeck of Columbus explains the importance and value associated with the National Guarantee Corportation (NGC).

Rustic exposed rafter porch
Your outdoor living project is covered from every angle, start to finish.

In addition to providing our project warranty, Archadeck of Columbus offers another way to pass value to our customers. About 10 years ago, Archadeck, in conjunction with the local franchise owners, started a company called the National Guarantee Corporation. I myself am a current board member and shareholder with this corporation. The National Guarantee Corporation (NGC) is responsible for giving Archadeck the ability to extend unsurpassed warranties on to our customers. However, this is not one those warranties that the customer opts to pay for, this warranty comes automatically with the purchase of our services. The cost to our customers? None!

Being backed by The National Guarantee Corporation means the Archadeck office you signed your contract with will complete your project to fruition as outlined in your contract. In this day and age, if something happens where your local office cannot complete your job, the Archadeck corporate office in conjunction with the National Guarantee Corporation will then step in and see that your project is completed. For example, if a current owner were to fall gravely ill, gets hit by a bus, or becomes insolvent, then the National Guarantee Corporation will step in and see that your project is completed per the contract. This type of warranty is similar to a bond or insurance. Upon completion, the NGC will then cover any warranties therein for up to two years after completion of your structure. They will also carry the other Archadeck warranties if the office is no longer able to provide that service to its customers due to catastrophic circumstances.

Our contract checklist outlines all the value you are getting at no extra cost to you.
Our contract checklist outlines all the value you are getting at no extra cost to you.

As a board member for the last five years, I am proud to say that we have only had small claims come before us but, we are a healthy business nationally that takes this very seriously. Even during the last economic downturn we proved to be a strong organization as is evident through the absence of any significant claims during the rough times. I always ask potential customers if being protected is important to them. I also go into detail about what our protection includes. Many times homeowners don’t think warranties such as these are available and would never imagine receiving them at no charge. But this is what we call “The Archadeck Difference”.

If you are thinking of adding an outdoor living space to your backyard, ask yourself if you value the peace of mind in knowing your dreams are protected. If the answer is yes, contact Archadeck of Columbus today for a free consultation(740) 879 – 3730

Michael Reeder, Archadeck of Columbus
Michael Reeder, Archadeck of Columbus

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Archadeck of Columbus gives thanks for a prosperous 2012 and looks forward to more of a good thing in the coming New Year

Archadeck of Columbus reflects the milestones from 2012 and looks forward to prosperity, growth and happiness in the coming new year.

This TimberTech deck and outdoor fireplace by Archadeck of Columbus is the perfect spot for entertaining in the coming spring.

At this time of the year we like to take a step back and set aside a moment to reflect on all the things we have to be thankful for in our business and in our personal life. From the office and in the field Carol and I are so pleased with the cohesiveness and teamwork abilities of our team. We are excited to report that we saw tremendous growth in 2012 and in the 12 years we have been operating we achieved our highest level of growth ever in an annual period. We were on the fast track before the economy crashed and if our current growth is any indicator of things to come then it seems that people are starting to see the economy come back.

DrySnap rain deck
This DrySnap rain deck by Archadeck of Columbus allows these homeowners more opportunities to enjoy the fruits of their labor in this stunning backyard landscape.

With our growth, like most businesses, we experienced some “growing pains” and felt the need to add a production manager to our dream team. At times we felt as if we were detracting from our service because we were so busy but, by adding additional staff we have already seen how we can improve our service. One example is through the results of customer feedback on the surveys we send out to our customers, this has helped us improve and grow in all areas of our business. Along with the customer surveys, Carol and Curtis also developed an online app called Google Drive, which allows us to communicate seamlessly through the cloud with our entire team. By having this production tool, we communicate better. We now have our checklists within the app on each of our current jobs by name and job board, which serves as our production schedule, so we can immediately determine how far out we are. This tool is tightening our ship, so to speak to run like a well-oiled machine. We are really glad we’ve created this module to help us and are excited about looking forward to the next year’s review of our business practice.

Here is a photo of the Archadeck of Columbus Extreme Home Makeover crew after 19 straight hours, still all smiles.

In addition to the increased communication capabilities we have added to utilize our growth potential, our team members have made us proud this year as well. Our talented team member, Rob Mitchell, has really grown in leaps and bounds this year. Not only has Rob grown in his sales skills, but he has also displayed overall growth as an artisan. He is my right-hand guy and is a good counsel for me, and I am so pleased to have him on my team. One of the most important things we try to achieve is expressing to people how much we genuinely care and Rob is all about that!

Among our many accolades we are proud to say we just won the 2012 Super Service Award and the Consumer Choice for patio and deck builders. It means so much to be recognized not only by other professionals within our field, and Archadeck, but to also be recognized by the customer. This solidifies our commitment to customer service and putting the needs of the customer first.holiday card Michael Carol Jacob and Kyle

Last but certainly not least, we have so many reasons to be thankful on the home front. We are blessed to have two wonderful kids that drive us crazy. We recently celebrated our 9th anniversary of when we got our son Jacob, our nine year old, from Russia. We are blessed to have such great children and are thankful to be able to have the kind of job that enables both Carol and I to be active parents in their lives. We are looking forward to a prosperous new year in our business and personal lives again in 2013.

If you are thinking of making your new year special with the addition of a new outdoor space contact Archadeck of Columbus today to bring your outdoor living dreams to life. Call us for a free consultation (740) 879 – 3730

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