Helping Columbus’ Rhodes family on Extreme Home Makeover Home Edition December 16th

Here is a photo of the Archadeck of Columbus Extreme Home Makeover crew after 19 straight hours, still all smiles.

A while back we wrote about a volunteer experience were fortunate enough to participate in to build a deck at Recreation Unlimited. This year we had another chance to help out a family in need. When we received the request and found out about the Rhodes Family, it was a no brainer. We’ve been in the Columbus market for over a decade now and it means a lot to give back to the community that has been very good to us

Going into the renovation site, we really didn’t know what to expect. We brought our two best carpenters Seth Mitchell and Josh Kempf. Dennis Schaeffer from our corporate office flew in to work with us. With me that made 4 people on our Archadeck part of the Extreme Home Makeover team. We were scheduled to arrive at 6AM on Sunday. When we originally arrived we were asked to help with some interior framing. The framing guys had been working over 18 hours straight and were completely exhausted. We worked on interior framing for about 3 hours. It was amazing that there must have been 50 or 60 people in the house. There were hammers hamming, airguns shooting, nails dropping. There were people with drinks and food, producers, camera people, and about as much as you could possibly fit in that space. I guess it was apropos that we work effectively in such tight conditions as the Rhodes family had done at the house for so many years.

Then it was on to the deck. Mr Rhodes’ existing deck consisted of a couple pieces of plywood on a couple of 2×4’s that sat on the ground. He had his grill sitting an top of the area. He loved his existing deck so it was important for the family and the producers to make a really great new deck. Because of space constraints, the deck was to be built on the garage roof. This meant that we had to protect the deck below with a rubberized roof. We laid the joists down and started decking just in time for it to rain.

It rained. And it rained. And it rained.

The over-garage deck had walls on 3 sides and a cedar pergola on the 4th wall. The entry and exit to the deck is exterior stairs. We built a landing and stairs all the way down to grade.

We finished about 12:30 AM on Monday completely exhausted but also feeling really good. There’s something about giving back that can’t be described. But working with such a large team with so many cast members for such a good reason made 18 straight hours about as easy as it could be.

The show aired as a 2-part series last Friday night. To see part 1, click here. To watch part 2, click here.

Here are some great pictures from the Extreme Home Makeover website:

The truck bed deck seats on the deck

Nice bursts of Ohio State red and a Buckeye flag on the new deck

Michael Reeder, Archadeck of Columbus
Michael Reeder, Archadeck of Columbus

Mike Reeder

Owner of Archadeck of Columbus

Payin’ it forward on Extreme Home Makeover feels so good

Archadeck of Columbus is asked to contribute their time and expertise on a home makeover for Extreme Makeover Home Edition.

Here is a photo of the Archadeck of Columbus Extreme Makeover crew after working 19 straight hours, still all smiles.

If you haven’t had a chance to tune in to catch an episode of “Extreme Makeover Home Edition“, on ABC  then now is your chance. The show itself centers around a family that is nominated for an extreme home makeover. The recipients of this makeover are families that have experienced unfortunate circumstances or debilitating illness within the family, Often times these recipients are pillars of their community who have devoted their lives to improving the lives of those around them. These families shine through and are chosen to receive a much deserved extreme home makeover.

Being asked to participate in helping improve the lives of a family by a home makeover is truly an honor. Recently Archadeck of Columbus was given the chance to contribute their time and expertise for an upcoming Extreme Makeover Home Edition episode. Working on a job such as this can change your life forever, and it gives us an opportunity to be able to give back to the community and touch you in a way nothing else possibly can.

Archadeck of Columbus was asked by a lead local builder in Ohio, P&D custom builders, to assist in building the deck on top of a detached garage utilizing TimberTech  Earthwood Evolutions composite. The deck was constructed using concealock fasteners, and the color the Extreme Makeover design team chose for the deck was a beautiful walnut color. The deck construction entailed building a frame over a rubber roof on top of the 2nd story garage. The deck parapet walls are 38″ high around three sides of a 20 x 23 area. This area also includes an  8 x 20 stunning cedar pergola that is over one side.

The day of the construction, we had the help of four people from Archadeck; Dennis Schaffer who is the regional franchise business developer and Seth Mitchell & Josh Kempf who are two of our best carpenters. The day began by dedicating our first four hours at the home assisting the  interior house framers that needed some help. We were glad to give it, the spirit and emotion that was running through the whole construction site was like none we had ever experienced, and everyone present could feel it.

The whole makeover project took an unheard of total of 5 days, this is from the demolition phase all the way to the re-building. This event showed how a community can come together to complete what many would consider impossible or unthinkable and it shows what the human spirit is truly capable of when your driving force is that of humanity and humility.

The crew from Archadeck of Columbus worked 19 hours straight through their weekend to finish the job. Even though the crew was exhausted we wouldn’t trade this experience and we will always look forward to being honored enough to be asked to participate in endeavors such as this and give back what we can to our community.

Michael Reeder, Archadeck of Columbus
Michael Reeder, Archadeck of Columbus

The home itself is located near the Northeast side of Columbus, OH and the featured episode will be broadcast at Christmas time. We can’t give any more secrets than that. You will have to tune in to see and Archadeck of Columbus will be sure to post and share pictures following the show’s broadcast. Stay tuned…