Choose the right hue for your Columbus deck and create a fabulous outdoor space

Archadeck of Columbus explores the design and color trends in synthetic decking for 2013, what’s hot, what’s not and the importance of choosing the right decking material and color to express your style.

TimberTech XLM Harvest Bronze deck with TimberTech Radiance Rail Columbus
Choosing the right color for your new synthetic deck can be a daunting task, we can help.

Choosing the right color for your new synthetic deck can be a daunting task. Colors in general are a very personal detail of any project. In most cases homeowners will make their color selections based on complimenting the deck color to that of  their home or contrasting with their home. Each of these approaches to choosing a color for your deck can be quite powerful, but therein is where the problem can lie; choosing the right hue even when dealing with neutrals can open up a wide spectrum of choices. Too many choices can lead to confusion and uncertainty. Nowadays, brown is more than just a singular shade. There are a wide range of browns that start from light to dark and everything in between. With synthetic decking, there may be a dozen natural tone options.

If you can’t match the color of your new deck perfectly to the color of your home, don’t fret. Most houses have basic colorations of brown, gray or white, whether these colors are part of the hues in your masonry or whether they are the colors of your siding or trim. If your home has white siding for example, white is the perfect companion to any color you choose for your synthetic decking.

This deck was completed in Walnut from the TimberTech Earthwoods Evolution line of decking.

Even though the New Year has just begun, we have already seen new color trends emerge from some of the top synthetic decking manufacturers. We work closely with these companies to keep homeowners “in the know” about what is new, what is popular and what we foresee as being hot for 2013. Some of the up and coming colors are brown hues, which also include streaked colors that give the decking a more exotic feel closer to the look of natural hardwoods. With brownish tones, there are numerous choices such as light browns and dark browns that mimic the look of Walnut which is really popular right now. Walnut in the TimberTech Earthwood Evolutions line is highly requested among our customers, as well as Walnut Grove which is a TimberTech XLM color. The only drawback to using a dark brown is that they indeed show dirt more easily than a lighter brown, much like a dark colored car seems to get dusty more often. Dark colors also retain more heat and are hotter to the touch. If the orientation of your deck receives a great deal of sun, this is an important consideration. Along with the many browns, there are also a lot of grays, and even reddish hues that resemble rust or terra-cotta tones. These hues are not requested as often as earth tones.

Azek Brownstone colored multi-level deck with Gazebo and Vinyl Rails, Reynoldsburg, OH, Columbus, OH
This multi-level deck and gazebo finished in AZEK Brownstone with vinyl rails.

AZEK synthetic decking also has a myriad of beautiful hues to choose from when considering color selections. One of their most popular colors is Acacia which is part of their beautiful Brownstone collection. Acacia is a darker brown with all the undulation and streaking that closely matches natural wood. Another great color by AZEK is Brownstone from their Harvest collection. Brownstone incorporates the best of both worlds by covering the realm of both gray and brown in this color. It makes a fabulous choice for contrast and complimentary color selections.

If you really are set on exactly matching your deck to the color of your home, you may consider choosing an all wood product as opposed to a synthetic deck. With wood, you can match it easily to any color by simply applying stain. Wood is also a less expensive investment to make when compared to synthetics. If you do however choose an exotic hardwood such as Ipe, then it is likely the price point will be about the same as synthetic. Exotic hardwoods have a lot of character including wood graining which resembles the graining and details of an interior walnut hardwood floor. These woods are dense and require more labor, which can be more expensive, because the holes have to be pre-drilled prior to installation.

Ipe exotic hardwood deck in Columbus, OH.

All wood has to be stained or sealed. It’s never a good idea to paint a deck. Painting a deck can result in bubbling and it will also peel off very quickly, just imagine what our interior walls would look like if we walked on them?!  We urge you to have your outdoor living structure professional steer you in the right direction to make the most informed decision on choosing your deck’s color. Remember, if you find a color you like there are always ways to bring your home’s color into your space. Whether you apply your home’s color to vertical accessories or by matching your house or house trim, there is always a fabulous way to pull it all together.

If you are ready to turn your backyard into a design masterpiece this year, contact Archadeck of Columbus to learn how.We can turn your outdoor space into a thing of beauty and joy. Call for a free consultation today (740) 879 – 3730

Michael Reeder, Archadeck of Columbus
Michael Reeder, Archadeck of Columbus

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When is the best time of the year to build my Columbus, OH deck?

Archadeck of Columbus ponders the ideal time to build your deck and discusses the many benefits of choosing a fall or winter construction.

Columbus, OH deck with built in fireplace
This Columbus, Ohio deck has a built-in fireplace that would make the perfect accompaniment to your deck for those chilly fall and winter evenings.

We are often asked the best time of year to build a deck. The answer may be more surprising than you may think. Many homeowners are under the impression that outdoor structures such as decks are best to build during the spring and summer months. The truth is that anytime that best suits your circumstances and budget can serve as the right time to build.

There are many advantages to building in the cooler months. Along with shorter lead times you will also get a space that is up and running in time to enjoy for spring and the beginning of the outdoor living season.  Since the humidity level is much lower during the fall and winter, any wood used in the construction of your project will season quicker. Seasoning involves the drying out of wood making it ready to accept stain or paint better. When a project is built during the warmer, humid months the usual wait time to stain or paint is a few months.  Another plus to cooler weather construction is productivity. A crew that is working in the humid 95 degree weather of the summer is less productive than one that is working outside during milder weather. Less heat means more stamina and less Gatorade breaks for the crew. This translates to the likelihood that a job that is completed sooner.

Columbus custom cedar deck with floating bench
Building your deck during the fall and winter will ensure a timely application of stain or paint to have your outdoor space all set for spring.

Our Columbus climate allows us to build your project during the harsher part of the winter months. In some cases inclement weather can complicate timing on a project but not dramatically. The frost line in our region lies between 32″ and 36″ which is the depth from the ground required to install footers which serve as the base for concrete which supports your deck project. The frost line is determined by calculation of average temperatures and the hundred year freeze. They make the frost line deeper by a dramatic margin to ensure in case of a hundred year freeze occurrence, the foundation of your project will not be affected. The problem that can occur from freezing temperatures is the expansion that takes place with freezing. If you have an expansion into the footer on your project, then it will move. Typically, in our experience the ground only freezes within the first few inches during the period of December through February. In order of us to install footers, this is not a big deal once we get through the frozen ground to an area where the soil temperatures are relative to 50 degrees.  Other than having to dig through a couple of inches of frozen ground the only other obstacles that could directly affect your construction are mud, sleet or snow. Our guys can work in snow but not rain. Rain can damage some of the tools that are required for building. In these cases it may take us a little longer to finish the project but on average only by a few days. Whereas an average project may take 7 business days, during a rough winter it may take us 9 business days.

Westerville, OH pressure treated deck
Choosing to build your deck during the cooler months has its benefits.

Since our average temperatures are above freezing in Columbus most of the winter the chances of inclement or freezing weather impacting your project are minimal. The advantages of autumn and winter construction outweigh any deficiencies brought on by Mother Nature. As with any construction project there will be damage to the turf caused by foot traffic. In a fall/winter project the turf is more apt to recover quicker because it has the time to overwinter in time for spring taking in valuable nutrients present in precipitation. Some turfs are dormant during the winter and this will aid in quicker recovery as well.

Columbus open porch with deck
Have your dream outdoor space ready and waiting on you this spring.

If you are on the fence about deciding when to start your deck or other outdoor structure project, keep in mind that lead times during the outdoor living season can be in excess of 8-12 weeks. In the winter it may be 4-5 weeks at the most.  This quick turn-around will ensure you get the full benefits of your outdoor space when you are ready, and the timing won’t interrupt your outdoor activities. Contact Archadeck of Columbus to schedule your free consultation today and get the ball rolling on your outdoor dreams. (740) 879 – 3730

Michael Reeder, Archadeck of Columbus
Michael Reeder, Archadeck of Columbus

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